้hatyai bus terminal

Hatyai Bus Terminal

Hatyai bus Terminal Hat Yai Bus Terminal Located in the city of Hat Yai. When you get here You can use the tuk tuk service to the hotel. If you want to travel to Phuket, Koh Samui, Satun and other cities, you can buy a ticket here To travel to destinations. There is a 24-hour free toilet. Around the station. Have a Thai Restaurant You can eat before going to the hotel or take the bus to the city. Hat Yai Bus Terminal Map

Samila Beach Songkhla

Samila Beach

Samila Beach  of Songkhla city Here you will find a beautiful white sand beach with a golden mermaid statue.  Who came here to photograph a memorial to the mermaid. You can sit on the beach or enjoy the sea. Eat with family The beach has a service food shop. How to go Samila Beach Located in Songkhla. You can take a tuk -tuk from the hotel. or Texi If you have a car You can drive from Hat Yai to Songkhla. It takes about 30 minutes. Please see map below Samila Beach Map

songkhla old town area

Songkhla Old Town Area

It is localed on Nang -ngam , Nakhon Nok, and Nakhon Nai Roads which are short ones in Songkhla Municipality. One can take a Stoll through all three of them. In the past, they were lively and important as a result of being next to Songkhla Lake, a port for trading and fishing ships, When the trade via this route diminished, these roads have quieted down. Some activities ceased to operate while some still go on unill today. Hence , the trace of the old atmosphere which includes the mixture of Chinese and Thai Style architecture can still be seen. Besides,this area is renowned for its delicacies , for example , Khanom Box , egg ice-cream. garoji, Chinese style stew with rice, Thai desserts, fermented mung bean cake , and many otherthings. Songkhla Old Town Area Map.

Naga Spraying Water Songkhla

Naga Spraying Water

it was developed in the Samila Beach area in 2006. the Statue was divided into 3 parts and placed in separated areas of Songkhla. The head is at Laem Son On Dam, the body is in the lan Chom Dao – near the Lotus pool, and the tail is at the Songkhla Golf Corse. How to go travel  Naga Spraying Water Drive to downtown Songkhla. Naga Sculpture in downtown Songkhla by the sea. Songkhla is 25 kilometers from Hat Yai Map

hatyai city

Hatyai Shopping Mall

Hatyai Shopping Mall Hatyai is Center Shopping in Southern Thailand, The Maket around hatyai City, You have Shopping produce from : Lee Garden Plaza – The most popular mall for Thai teenagers. Restaurants include Sizzler, Swensens, McDonalds and Fuji among others. Shops inside sell books, clothes, mobile phones and souvenirs. There is a multiplex cinema and a games complex which also includes Karaoke booths. Odean Shopping Mall – Mostly clothes. Diana Shopping Mall – Clothes, mobile phones, restaurants and a bowling alley. Tesco Lotus – Located near the Prince of Songkhla University, a large supermarket that sells food, clothes, household items and lots more. There are also a number of restaurants and smaller shops just outside the main supermarket. Central Department Store – Probably Hat Yai’s most upmarket store. Clothes, cosmetics, books, household goods and there is a TOPS food supermarket in the basemen Makro Hat Yai – Cash & […]

hatyai cable car

Hatyai Cable Car

Hatyai Cable Car Why you go Hatyai Cable Car. You can see area The Hat Yai Municipal Park and Hatyai City Panorama on the top hill. How to go – By tuk-tuk car infomation around Hatyai city from Hotel stay to hatyai Municipal Park. Price Ticket – Thai people 100 Bath / Child 50 Bath. – Foreign tourists 200 Bath / Child 100 Bath. “Hatyai Cable Car ” the new dimension on Tourism with the concept of convenience, safety, modern and universal standard. Other than the convenience you will get by traveling between two attraction sites of Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj and the Great Brahman Shrien in Park, you will impressed with the great scenery of Hatyai City as a bird eye view. Hatyai City Panorama from Hatyai Cable car  

songlhla lake

Koh yo Travel

Hello friends today, there are attractions near downtown Songkhla. Koh Yo Island is a small island in the middle of the Songkhla Lake. Located in the city of Songkhla. We can go to Koh Yo by car. The Tinnasulanonda Bridge. Connect with the island Koh Yo Island Tourist Attractions Is the island where people farm. When you come to Koh Yo, you can see the life of fishermen along the Songkhla Lake. Koh yo map


Tinsulanon Bridge

Tinsulanond Bridge spans the Somgkhla Lake and is part of Highway 408. It is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, with two part: the part connects the coast of Amphoe Mueang Songkhla at Ban Nam Krachai to the Southern coast of Koh Yo, this part is abouth 1,140 metres long; the second part connects the northern shore of Koh Yo to the coast of Ban Khao Khiao, a length of 1,800 metres. It was opened to traffic on 25 September B.E.2529. Tinsulanon bridge is near songkhla city Songkhla City – Koh yo – Singhanakron City You can Travel Take photo Landscape and Seascape

Hatyai Genting Hotel

Hatyai Genting Hotel Located in downtown Hatyai. With its easy access, just 20 minutes from Hatyai International Airport. Just 5 minutes to shopping center. Hatyai Genting Hotel We welcome you with the warm friendships. Elegant and comfortable atmosphere provided to you. In the comfort of your vacation.