Sea Lion Show at Songkhlazoo

sea lion show songkhlazoo

You can see the seals show at Songkhla Zoo.Daily shows are performed 2 times per day.

Time for Daily show

11.30 – 12.00

14.30 – 15.00

You will see the show seals. To dance, to play sports and others.You will have fun watching the show seals At Songkhla Zoo.

The Bedroom Hat Yai

The Bedroom Hat Yai

Adress :

A pleasant hotel in Hat Yai. The location is very Wifi in all room. The hotel is located at Hat Yai Railway Station 1.3 km.You can easily travel in Hat Yai. When to stay here.

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Hat Yai Train Station

Hat Yai Railway Station It is a large railway station serving the southern part of Thailand.There are several train services on every day of the railway station located in the city.You can walk from the train station to tour the city. Alternatively, take the bus to the hotel or other tourist attraction.

You can travel from Hat Yai Railway Station to Padang Besar Railway Station.There are train services available on this route for those who wish to travel to Malaysia.There are two daily train services to go to Padang Besar.You can take the KTM Malaysia train service at Padang Besar Railway Station. To travel to Kuala Lumpur.It is a very good international travel connection.

Link : You can book Malaysia train tickets online in advance

Hat Yai Railway Station has advanced security. The traveler’s bag with a scanner

Hatyai Train Station

Office is open daily from 07:00 until 17:00.

Contact Telephone Number for Hat Yai Railway Station is: 074-238001

Hotels near Hatyai Train Station

At Hat Yai Railway Station The hotel offers travelers comfortable and cheap rooms.You can book this hotel to relax.

The Train Hotel Hatyai   

Location : Hatyai Train Station

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Hatyai Train Station Map

Hatyai to Chiangmai By Flight

Hatyai to Chiangmai By Flight.

There are flights from Hat Yai to Chiang Mai every day. You can travel to Chiang Mai easily.By using domestic flights.

Chiang Mai is located in northern Thailand. Away from Hat Yai 1600 km is a famous tourist city of Thailand. There are many travelers to Chiang Mai. Both Thai and foreigners.It is a natural and cultural tourism town. It is a city of Buddhism. You will find many beautiful temples.Open to the public.

Important tourist attractions such as Doi Suthep Doi Inthanon.An interesting activity when visiting Chiang Mai is walking the night walking street. You will find many local products

So when you travel to Hat Yai, it is recommended that you travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is only 2 hours by plane.

Direct flights from Hat Yai to Chiang Mai
Provided by airline
– Thailion air
– Airasia
Service Flight Go and return on this route every day.

How go to Hatyai Airport

You can use the taxi service. From the hotel to the airport.
It takes about 20 minutes from Hat Yai city center

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Greenway Night Market Hatyai

Hello, friends Today, it is recommended to visit the evening.
For those who like to shop and walk to eat Thai food in Hat Yai there is a night market.It is popular with teenagers and tourists both Thai and foreigners.Malaysian and Singaporean tourists will spend the night in this area.This market name Greenway Night Market.

This market has many stores. There are fashion products, clothes, shoes and secondhand goods.You can find cheap Thai food in the market.Overall a good place to visit.

The market is located on the same road.Central Festivel Hatyai. You can travel from the hotel to the market with a bus service in Hat Yai.

Opening. Tue-Sun | 4.00 PM – 10.00 PM

Karnjanavanit Rd, Hat Yai

Greenway Market Map

hatyai hospital

If you get sick or get accidents while traveling in Hat Yai.You can contact the hospital immediately. There are 5 hospitals in Hat Yai.It’s a big hospital. Both government and private.

  1. ฺBangkok Hatyai Hospital Tel.074-272800   or  1719
  2. Hatyai Hospital Tel.074- 273100
  3. PSU Hospital  Tel. 074 -455 000
  4. Srikarin Hospital  Tel.1728
  5. Rajyindee Hospital  Tel.074-200-200

Traveling to the hospital can be done by taxi. In the city of Hat Yai.For a little sick. You can see the doctor in the clinic.